Starting a series of posts on Dreams and Dreaming. Maybe two or three. Haven’t yet decided. Anyway welcome to the first in the series:
Everyone dreams. Don’t let someone convince they don’t. If you didn’t dream while sleeping you’d be dead, literally. Not everyone recalls their dreams. One of the ways to train yourself to start recalling, IF you want to, is to leave a notebook by your bed and when you wake up, relax for several minutes. Waking up with an alarm is possibly the worst of all circumstances to have if your goal is to recall your dreams. Anything that jarringly disrupts your normal sleep patterns (and that also means your waking patterns) is going to hinder your chances of recalling your previous night’s dreaming. Don’t rush right out of bed. Lay back, close your eyes and consider your night. Think back over the course of your sleep. You may be surprised by what comes up. If you can recall anything, write it down in your notebook.

The more you do this, the better you’ll become at recalling your dreams. I’ve said it before, the more you exercise your muscles the stronger you’ll become. That’s the case with ANY muscle you grow.

If you find yourself becoming more interested in this, you might consider looking for a dream analysis book. Check your local library. Take several books out and if you find one that interests you then you can consider purchasing it.

Vitamin B6 has been known to help recover dreams as well. Check out the following website:
B6Dreams if you want to know more.

If you want more Dream linkage check out my photography blog today here:
CJP Photos Blog


One response to “Dreaming

  1. >Also check out other dream blogs. I have had quite a few people say that they are remembering their dreams more now since they have been reading my dream blog (www.dreamforyourlife.com). I think just valuing them can go a long way. Putting a note pad beside your bed is an excellent idea as you mentioned.

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