Slogans –Let Go and Let God

Let Go and Let God

Have you ever had a challenge arise and been about ready to throw your arms up and surrender? Surrendering can be a good thing. If you can’t defeat the challenge on your own, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help. Surrendering equals letting go. Asking for help equals letting God. It doesn’t necessarily have to be God. It can be the Universe whatever.

Once you surrender and give your challenge over, I bet you feel like a weight has been lifted. It has. You gave the challenge to the Universe/God. The Universe is vast it can take whatever challenges you give it. If you give over your challenge, you’ll find a resolution at some point. Not only is the Universe/God vast, it is also intelligent beyond human capacity. It can resolve any host of issues you have, but first you must be aware that you have the ability to call on the help. If you learn to give your challenges over before they become challenges you’ll find you’ll be much richer. You won’t have all your emotional baggage weighing you down.

The next time a challenge arises try it. Look skyward and say I give up! Take this away from me.


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2 responses to “Slogans –Let Go and Let God

  1. >That is great. It gives hope in the midst of the storm. We should ask for help when something is too hard or to big for us to handle. It makes the situation esaier to deal with. Great words of wisdom.

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