Write It Down

I always find it works best when you ask for something, whether a new relationship, a material gift, whatever, to ask for it vocally AND to write it down. By writing your request down on paper or writing it as a document on a computer, you’ll sometimes find more information to add to your request. You’re thinking more about what you want and how to go about getting it if you communicate on paper as vocally. The more detailed you can be, the better the likely hood that your request will be granted.

More requests I’ve made have come closer to the original query by writing what I wanted then by ONLY speaking out what I wanted. If you’re serious about wanting something to change in your life, I suggest you do both. Write AND speak out what you want. You just may see that change occur.



One response to “Write It Down

  1. >I actually just started doing this a few months ago. Keeping a little journal and writing down everything I desire and affirmations. I use to keep a journal on the computer but I feel writing it in my own handwriting brings more "life" to it if you will!Yogihttp://yolandaallen.blogspot.com/

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