God ALWAYS Sees Us Through

There is no situation in this life that God will not lead us through.

When you’re facing a challenge, the loss of a loved one, the loss of income whatever it is, if you can remember that God doesn’t give us more challenges then we can handle you’ll ALWAYS be fine.

After you’ve come through a challenge and look back MOST of the time you realize it wasn’t as difficult as it appeared to be while you were being tossed around. Unfortunately, when we come across another challenge we tend to forget what we learned the previous time around. Sometimes it helps us to extricate ourselves from the people who continue to point out the negative.

If you have friends who commiserate with you over the challenges you face and don’t offer positive encouragement, maybe it is time to leave those friends behind. You need positive people in your life. If all you have are people who point out how difficult your life is, that’s what’s going to continue coming to you. What you REALLY need is someone who will find the good in the challenge. Focus on the good and you’ll find your way through your storm sooner.

And ALWAYS remember:
There is no situation in this life that God will not lead us through.



One response to “God ALWAYS Sees Us Through

  1. >Amen to that!! I have just put that book, God Always Has A Plan B on my Amazon wishlist!!! Thanks for sharing!Yogihttp://yolandaallen.blogspot.com/

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