Be Yourself!

Be yourself. There is something you can do better than any other. Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that.

I have a magnet on my refrigerator with the above quote.

So what does it mean?

I look mostly at the third sentence:
Listen to the inward voice and bravely obey that.

We are ALL here for a reason. You MUST find your joy. Your joy is the gift that was given to you when you were sent here. It could be the gift of writing, it could be the gift of numbers or Math. Maybe it was books, whatever it is, your task while living in physical form is to find that joy, find that gift.

Listen to your inner voice, because ONLY you will know the gift when you discover it. Don’t let anyone deter you. If you’ve found your gift and someone is dissuading you from pursuing it, don’t let them. Only you can decide for yourself. Here’s an example I’ve mentioned previously. When I went back to school after being away for a few years I went to register for a Library Science Degree. Someone asked me so, what are you going to do with that?

I understand that it was coming from a fear based reality. I looked up and said I’m gonna be hired at my local library.

Yeah, but what if you’re not?

No you don’t understand! I’m going to be hired at the Madison Library.

I knew it, like I know how to breathe. Guess what? Guess I’m working? If you said my local library, then you get the prize.

My inward voice didn’t let me down. My inward voice NEVER lets me down. More of us have to pay attention to our inner voices.

Remember, God has a plan for all of us. He’s laid the groundwork by giving each of us a gift to use and to share. Listen to your inner voice and it will ALWAYS guide you right. Your inner voice is God Speaking through you. Ignore that voice at your peril. It’s NEVER too late to search for your joy. Start right now. Is there something you do that gives you pleasure? Find a way to share it. You could be be in just the right place at just the right moment when you’re sharing. Someone could step up from the shadows and pluck you out of obscurity. You’ll never know if you don’t start.

I decided a REAL long time ago that I wasn’t going to be someone who woke up one day and said Woulda! Shoulda! Coulda! I found my gift, my joy. I’m blessed to have three gifts; and I share each of them. One is writing, and this blog has given me back my joy of writing! A second joy I have is photography. I’ve been doubly blessed with my photography because I’m actually selling my work. The third joy I have is the library. Nothing gives me greater pleasure while being there then when someone asks me for a recommendation then a few days later they return and tell me how much the loved the book. Get me something else. To be trusted that implicitly is my inner voice telling me:
Yup! This is where you belong. You found your joy. Good for you! I’ll never work a day in my life. That’s what I want for everyone else. I want everyone else to find their joy and not to let anyone steer them away. Imagine the world if everyone was pursuing their own joy?



One response to “Be Yourself!

  1. >Posting for Mary:From Mary L:You are the voice of inspiration Chris! Every day another amazing blog post unfolds. Thank you for being YOU and sharing your gifts with the world : )

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