A Loving God

Please forgive me that I’ve been talking quite a bit recently about God and Spirituality. These topics have been on my mind and sometimes the ONLY way to clear them is to discuss them. We’ll get back to some of the other topics here soon. As I’ve said, Faith, God and Spirituality play an important role in my life and sometimes I feel the urge to discuss it. Hope I don’t lose any of you when I get on this tangent.

How many of us were raised to fear God? How many of us were raised to think God is vengeful?
“Oooh if you do that, a black dot goes on your heart.” That was a favorite line my maternal grandmother used to lay on me. I don’t know that I believed it when I was growing up.

I CERTAINLY don’t believe it now. It’s one of the reasons I don’t attend organized religion. The religions that I know, teach that we are sinners and we have to beg for forgiveness. Is THAT right?

The God I know and speak to on a daily basis is a loving God. My God loves me unconditionally! I don’t have to beg for HIS forgiveness! I don’t have to beg for HIS love!

My God loves all and forgives all. My God understands that we all make mistakes and if we seek HIM out he will ALWAYS be there. All you have to do is talk to HIM. HE will be glad to hear from you. Seek HIM out!

HE is NOT someone to fear. He is NOT angry, disappointed, unhappy. The moment you seek him out and begin a conversation with HIM, you will feel HIS loving arms wrap you in HIS warm embrace. Try it! He’s waiting to hear from you.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


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