You Have A Choice

Ever have one of those days? You oversleep, stub your toe, caught in traffic, late for work.  What do you do?  Do you wallow in the fact you’re having a bad day?  Do you allow a few random events to control your entire disposition? Do you find yourself begrudgingly accepting what comes your way because – after all – you have bad luck?NO WAY!When “stuff” happens, ALWAYS remember, you have a choice!

Next time you find yourself playing victim to circumstances, picture a big red stop sign in front of you.


There is no such thing as a bad day. You’re probably saying, oh right, Pollyanna, maybe YOU have a rosy happy life but my life is…..terrible, sad, depressing, miserable, etc……Nonsense!STOP using negative adjectives.I know many of you are saying, “I just have bad luck.”STOP.You don’t have bad luck or good luck…you have a CHOICE.

When you wake up in the morning you have a choice to be happy or sad. You overslept.So what!Your alarm didn’t go off on time.You have a choice.You can choose to leap out of bed and rush around and make yourself crazy – which in turn will probably set off a whole chain reaction of other events including stubbing your toe and getting stressed -OR you can choose to be thankful.That’s right – be thankful.Be thankful you snuck in a little extra sleep.Be thankful you have a comfortable bed to sleep in, and a warm house to live in.Be thankful you WOKE UP and are blessed to have another day on this earth!

If someone cuts you off in traffic you have a choice.You can choose to get angry, make an obscene hand gesture, curse at the driver….but what does that accomplish?It only affects YOU.Your blood pressure increases along with your stress level and it makes YOU unhappy and angry. The other driver is completely oblivious to your reaction. Make the choice to let it go.Take a deep breath.Aaahhh.Take another deep breath.After a few more you’ll begin to feel better and you MAY even be able to laugh at the absurdity of what you were going to do.Think about it. Would sticking up your finger change the course of events that just happened?No.Someone else was in a hurry and cut you off.Big deal. That was THEIR choice. Make YOUR choice to be thankful they didn’t hit your car or cause an accident.

Begin each day by remaining open minded and flexible to the variety of choices that unfold. With a little bit of patience and practice you’ll notice how easy it is to choose positive over negative and happy over sad!

Have a great day today!The CHOICE is yours!

Love and laughter,

Mary (guest blogger)


2 responses to “You Have A Choice

  1. >Good, Mary! This is EXACTLY the way to react. I found myself laughing throughout this entry, because I remember being the onne who cursed at someone for cutting me off. I remember being the one for getting angry. No More!You're doing a great job maintaining my blog! So thankful to know it's in good hands!

  2. >Thanks Mary for posting that!! I try to catch myself from speaking negative things, life and death is in the power of the tongue!! I try to speak life into my situation as well as my family and friends situations! God Bless!!Yogi

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