What Others Think

Do you really worry about what others think? Since I’ve been on this Law of Attraction path, I could have have shrunk away, been fearful of telling people about my new outlook. Afraid that people would look at me differently, afraid that long time friends would no shun me, avoid me.

If I worried about what other people think I wouldn’t have begun writing this blog. I wouldn’t have shared my belief system with complete strangers. My life has completely changed as a result of practicing The Law of Attraction. My faith has deepened, my outlook has brightened and it is because I’m NOT only reading the books, I’m actually putting into practice what I’m learning.

My goal with this blog is what it’s always been:
To share what I’m learning and to help others see that life doesn’t have to be difficult. You have to let go of what other people think. Too many people are afraid to speak up for themselves, to show the world what they truly believe. If you can’t speak up for yourself, no one else will do it for you.

Your task this week is to tell someone something about yourself, be it one part of your belief system, be it a secret that you’ve been harboring. Whatever. Tell someone something about your life that will bring you closer to that person. Don’t be concerned whether they will shrink back from you. If they are truly your friend, you can tell them anything as long as you speak from the heart.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!


To see a somewhat similar take on this blog entry check out Christine’s entry:
Letting Go What Others Think of You


One response to “What Others Think

  1. >Chris ~What a wonderful post! There are so many ways in which we (if we let it happen) worry what others think of us. Your post was perfect – I loved it. I love your "assignment" you gave – to tell someone (a friend, etc.) something about yourself that they didn't know – and if they acted shocked – then they're really not much of a friend… so true! This is a good way of weeding out those who truly care about YOU! Thank you for reading my post and incorporating your own perspective on it… it was wonderful!Christine

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