Noticing Synchronicity

When events appear to fit together perfectly in our lives it may seem at first that they are random occurrences, things that are the result of coincidence. These synchronous happenings, though, are much more than that, for, if we look at them more closely they can show us that the universe is listening to us and gently communicating with us. Learning to pay attention to and link the things that occur on a daily basis can be a way for us to become more attuned to the fact that most everything happens in our lives for a reason – even when that reason is not clear right away.


In my world view there no coincidences. There are no accidents. Everything happens for a reason. We may not be aware of the reason at the time. We may never understand why something happened the way it did. We simply have to trust that whatever occurred there was a reason for it. I got on this topic last Thursday on my way into my blogger meeting. My friend Edwin and I share a ride into New Haven as I don’t drive on the highway. We were discussing the opportunity that Edwin has at the moment with is new website Connecticut Out and About

He recently left his full time job and had not left the job this new opportunity wouldn’t have been available to him.

No coincidences.

I reminded of Lowell Weicker’s run for Governor of Connecticut in in 1990. In 1988 it appeared that Weicker’s political career was all but over when he lost his senate seat to Joe Lieberman. But look what happened. In 1990 he became Governor of Connecticut. Losing his senate seat looked like a catastrophe. Turns out, it was a blessing.

No coincidences.

These things are happening ALL the time and unless you’re looking for them you won’t see that they are happening. My advice? Open your eyes! Open your mind! Open your heart! Start looking. Here’s an example of how I look and see what is happening around me:
I don’t like backing out of a parking space and I’m ALWAYS looking for “Pull Through” spaces. Last Tuesday was election day in Connecticut and I went to vote at our town beach. As I pulled into the parking lot ALL of the spaces were taken. I saw two cars leaving at the same time I pulled in, opening up a pull through space fore me. I choose to see that as God taking care of me. Another example I can give is when I come to a traffic light light where there is a green arrow allowing for left hand turns, the arrow ALWAYS turns up for me as I pull up to the light. Again, I choose to see this as God looking out for me.

Notice in these two instances I recounted I used the phrase:
choose to see that as God taking care of me.

EVERYTHING is a choice. You can choose what you see and how you see it. If you choose to see divine intervention in your life, you will begin to see it more every day. Isn’t that a better way to live?

The next time a seeming calamity strikes. Don’t stress over it. God is simply clearing the path for a brighter future.

EVERYTHING happens for a reason!
There are are no coincidences
There are no accidents
There is only God!

Even in 1976 with a favorite group of mine, Kansas with their album Leftoverture there was a song called Opus Insert
That talked about everything happening for a reason…

I didn’t know at the time how big an influence this path would have on me, but even then I recognized something in the song.

Be Happy! Be Well! Be Positive!



One response to “Noticing Synchronicity

  1. >Wonderful post!! I buzzed it up on SeededBuzz – and am now on my way to write about in on my blog – well – for the second time at least – I wrote a post on it when I first started up my blog because I was so fascinated by it… and have since kept a journal of all these meaningful coincidences! I think it's time for an update and your post inspired me to do so!!! Thanks Chris for another great post!!!Christine

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