Oh My God

Forgive my foray into the spiritual again.  There are times when I’m moved to write about this.  I can’t separate my belief system from who I am.  If you take away my belief in the Divine, God, the Spiritual, I will simply cease to be who I am.  I understand I have readers and followers who sometimes cringe when I write about my God, but it is my truth and sometimes it must seek an outlet.

On Saturday, December 18 I went with a friend to the Avant Garde Salon and Holistic Center to watch a documentary called Oh My God, a movie with Hugh Jackman who travels to twenty three countries posing the question:
What is God?

This was a perfect movie for me to view seeing as I’m on the same page.  In case you didn’t know, I’m extremely spiritual (but then anyone who has been following my blog since its inception and anyone who has known me outside my blog should be aware of this.)  For anyone interested in the concept of God, I truly recommend tracking this movie down.  Some wonderful quotations came out of this movie and I’d like to share some with you.  One from Hugh Jackman sums up the feeling of the movie quite nicely, I think.  I found a bit of dry humor in the quotation too:
If you put Buddha, Jesus, Socrates, Shakespeare, Arjuna and Krishna at a dinner table together, I can’t see them having an argument.  God is something you can’t put into words.  God is an experience.  God is not a thing, but an absolute.

Another that I found no reference for is here:
God is only one, yet we give him many names.  If you have to name it, you don’t understand it.  We have to feel God, not understand God.

One of the things I took away from watching this movie is the above quotation that starts
God is only one.

That’s the truest statement I’ve heard to explain the divine.  What is God not?

God is NOT vengeful.
God does NOT punish.

I shared this anecdote with the group after the movie was over:
When I was growing up, I recall my maternal grandmother telling me that any bad deeds I did put a black dot on my heart.  God counted the black dots against us.

I believed her for many years but now as I look back and having hindsight I understand that God does not punish us.  God is Love!  Pure and simple.

God is Love!

I know this now.  I didn’t have to see the movie to know this.  If you want to have a secular discussion on what God means to you, DEFINITELY track this move down.  Very thought provoking!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!



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