Past Lives In Children

Do you have a toddler or child under the age of 8 who has vivid recollections of times or places that no child should?  Does your child seem wise beyond his years?  Does he know things a child should not?  Maybe he has an affinity for music.  Maybe he can play an instrument without knowing the first thing about reading music.

Don’t dismiss the possibility your child could be reacting to a previous life experience.  I’m reminded of a post I wrote last July about a book I read called Soul Survivor.  In this book a young boy was experiencing vivid dreams almost on a nightly basis of a plane crashing.  After every avenue was exhausted and the boy’s family had almost given up hope of discovering what was causing the dreams, someone in the extended family had suggested a past life as a possibility.At first the suggestion was met with trepidation but as the evidence mounted that this was a distinct possibility, the walls came down.

Don’t dismiss your child’s stories as flights of fancy.  Investigate the stories your children tell.  You just may wind up being surprised at the outcome.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!



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