What Do You Believe?

Just returned from my first church service in MANY years and it produced some strong feelings in me. One of the things I’m looking for is a sense of community, a place where I can feel like I’m making a contribution. Not quite sure if I can contribute to the church what I believe, but I will definitely go back. Here’s what I’d like to do in the coming weeks here:

I welcome all of my Wisdom and Life Fans to contribute something here about what they believe. What your faith tells you. How do you practice communication with your God, with your spirit, with the Universe.

Give me some examples of what you believe.
Life after death?
Do you think we come back?

I had a friend a couple days ago tell me she thinks reincarnation is s symbol of atheism. What do you believe? I explained that atheism is non belief; those who are atheists do NOT believe there is a higher power, that God doesn’t exist.

Did you know that reincarnation was once in the Bible? Don’t believe me? Check it out. Search Reincarnation and the Bible on the Internet and you’ll find whole swaths of information on the topic. Reincarnation was eradicated from the Bible during The Council of Nicea.

I want to develop a community here where we can all share what we believe without any fear of repercussions. Feel free to add to this document. When you add your thoughts, if you’re comfortable, leave your name and if you have a blog, feel free to leave your blog address too. After all if we’re aiming to have a community, let’s all share what we can.

I’ll start.

Reincarnation/Past Lives:
I’m convinced that we all come back. Life is a series of lessons to be learned. Think of life as school. What happens each school year?
We graduate to the next grade, right? Or we stay back, right? If we learned what we needed to during that year we get to move on to the next grade. So it is with life. At the end of our lives on the physical plane we have a life review akin to a test at the end of a school year. If we pass this review we get to move onto the next life where there will be new challenges to meet. If, however, we didn’t learn from the challenges placed before us during our most recent incarnation then we will meet those same challenges again in our next incarnation or life. We will continue facing the same issues again and again until we realize the challenge and make the change. It’s much like the story of the person seeing the hole in the sidewalk.

Until we recognize our errors we’ll continue making them. That’s why we keep returning. We return to become better people, to be closer to God. Eventually when we’ve incarnated many multiple times we can choose whether we want to stay on the cycle. Those who believe in past lives are not less religious, less spiritual then those who do not. I’d venture to say that in some cases we are more spiritual, because we see the path to God as continual. The only way to God is through learning our spiritual lessons in this life.

I’ll write more next time. Now it’s your turn. What do you believe?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all.



8 responses to “What Do You Believe?

  1. >I want to believe in you…making me think and wish…

  2. >I see the difference between reincarnation and staying back a year at school is that you know you are being put back at school.To not know that you were someone before and had difficulties doesn't help you in knowing what to do this time around.It's a hard one as I am not a Religious man yet I do believe in something grander than us. So really you cannot be a reincarnation as every life is unique and new. Reincarnation is in itself a hope you get a better chance at life.So instead of hoping, make this one the best you can.A

  3. >I believe in nature, in the beauty of nature how or why it is there I do not know. But I tend to believe in the scientist more so then the preachers.I really don't believe or not believe in reincarnation, I have a hard time believing in unprovable things. I started following youhttp://jpweddingphotograpy.blogspot.com/2011/04/tutorial-how-i-photograph-flying-birds.html

  4. >I believe that when believers die, their souls are ushered instantly into the Lord's presence, to experience all the joys and comforts of heaven (2Cor. 5:6-9). I am so thankful for God's mercy and grace that I only have to pass thru this world but once and I can't wait to get to my final destination!

  5. >I have to gracfully disagree with you on recarnation. I have searched the scriptures and I only see three resurrections. These people were the same people after their death as they were before. Each resurrecttion was to show God's glory. If one believes in nature, then they also believe in God as God is the creator of all things and thank God he created the scientist. People rely on the internet and others to give them the answers, we have a better source to get the answers to our tough questions, its the word of God and pray. God can handle the tough questions, he will reveal himself if we seek him and ask.

  6. >We are on Earth for two reasons, to learn and love. We reincarnate to learn something we cannot learn in one of God's "many mansions." ("My Father's House has many mansions" My personal belief is that they are schools!!)I am living all the lifetimes I had ahead of me in this ONE TIME. Before descending, I told them I never wanted to come back to Earth again. My Guardian was almost begging me not to do this! The elders or counsel were all shaking their heads side to side and mummering to one another about my stubborness. I remember thinking until I was about ten years old, "I want to go home" (But didn't even know what I meant…I lived in a home with my parents.) When I first heard the phrase, "You can never go home" I felt destroyed…again not understanding why!Well, let me share that my 65 years have been a pretty wild ride! I have experienced many really devastating things in this life, but I have survived them and have grown stronger and closer to God and His Son. I am praying I can get through the rest of what ever number of days are slated for me and handle the challenges planned, as successfully as in the past so I never come back! Thanks for hearing my personal story. Justine D. Simone, Myrtle Beach, SC

  7. >I believe that within each of us resides the higher divine, light or god. I believe that the answers to many life's questions are also within each one os us. There is nothing wrong in seeking answers from outside the self as we all learn from one another. Believe in leaning on one's inner teacher is important to me.

  8. >I believe The Apostles' Creed. Enjoyed your post Chris. And I'm a fan of Wisdom and Life. So, this Sunday is the event?

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