Meditation allows you to just be and allows your spirit to blossom

Deepak Chopra

Last Saturday, April 23, I went to Avant Garde Holistic Center in Branford, Connecticut with a friend for a monthly movie.  We’ve been going since December when time permits.  On Saturday, we watched Deepak Chopra’s The Soul of Healing.  I always take something away from these events.  I’ve become quite good friends with the owner, Ron.  He came to hear me speak in March when I gave my presentation at the The Happiness Club.

Ron previews the movies a few times before showing them to his audience and while watching them on his own he takes copious notes so his audience can concentrate on the movie.  The above quote is from the notes he took.

How many of us take the time to shut out all distractions, put some instrumental music on and just be?  Sit in the middle of the room and simply let our minds wander?  Meditating can be extremely healthy for the body AND the soul.  We should all take time every day, whether when we first wake in the morning or before we turn off for the night.

Me?  I prefer to meditate at night just before going to sleep.  Doing so at night is calming.  It can act to soothe you, to relax your ENTIRE being, to make it easier to fall into a deep blissful sleep.  I’ve learned that if I want to fall asleep quickly and sleep productively through the night, the BEST way to do so is to turn off all electronic screens (TVs, Computers, etc) at LEAST a half our before sleep.  It is then that I like to turn some soft instrumental music on and reflect on my day.

There was another passage at the start of The Soul of Healing Saturday that I found particularly enlightening.

Deepak said something like:
Many of us doubt the existence of the soul.  I want you to do something now.  Close your eyes and think of somewhere you feel safe, somewhere that brings you joy.  Now just listen to your breath, listen and be still.  Do you feel anything?  Do you hear anything?  That’s your soul!  It’s ALWAYS been there, always will be.

You can reach that place anytime.  Simply close out all thought.  Sit down, close your eyes and let your mind wander.  The more time you spend in this state, the easier it will be to get there.  Take time for yourself.  You certainly deserve it!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all.



4 responses to “Meditation

  1. >I have found meditation an instrument I use to bring great peace (and from a mother's perspective-sanity!) to my life. It's been transforming. Not only does it bring about moments of clarity and perspective, even epiphanies from time to time, it also brings about the deep awareness of the interconnectedness that we all share with every other sentient and non-sentient beings. We are all connected on one level or another. And that brings about a greater level of compassion and empathy from deep within, which is very helpful to call attention to when I find myself overwhelmed or in frustrating situations, especially with another person! :)A great post 🙂

  2. >I always have good intentions, but even then, the time in my day runs out, and I'm left without the 'me' time. I am working on that though 🙂 Thanks for sharing Chris!

  3. >As a Stress Coach I fully support the notion of meditation as a method for people to adopt in their armoury against the effect of stress. Meditation for me is a fantastic way to deeply relax my body and keep my mind completely “blank” with no thoughts whatsoever.It is a wonderful thing to practice.

  4. >Doing nothing is beautiful perfection. Sitting, standing, walking, washing, watching, listening, playing. Doesn't matter. Just make sure it has absolutely no purpose at all!

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