Inner Guidance

Once again, there’s more post shifting happening.  A friend of mine who receives my blog via email wrote this on Wednesday:  

This from a friend today (Wednesday May 4) after reading my most recent blog post:
Chris, I liked your post called A Special Moment  today.  I was wondering if you’d write your thoughts on inner guidance. I would say I’m fairly in touch with what it is I want and who I am, but two things have happened recently that have made me really stop and ask, “wait a minute” and it’s made me realize that what I thought I wanted is not really what I want. This happened very subtly and I really feel this sense of inner guidance to just keep doing what I’m doing rather than make a drastic change. How would you say that you know it’s inner guidance?

Profound questions, huh?  Let me start by saying what I THINK of as inner guidance may NOT be what someone else sees.  With that said, ANY type of sense that someone gets whether it be a feeling that something isn’t quite right, if you’re walking down the street some day or even driving somewhere and you suddenly have an inexplicable feeling to take a left instead of the right you were planning on taking, by ALL means take that left.  It may just save your life, or may run into that person you’d been seeking your ENTIRE life.

Inner guidance can mean many things to many people.  For me, inner guidance is the rudder we use to steer our lives by.  If you have feeling that something is telling you to do one thing and yet you’re doing something COMPLETELY different, if it is at ALL possible, follow that voice.  Ninety nine percent of the time you’ll never be sorry.

Here’s an example I’ve used here before and for those who have seen it I apologize in advance:
In the late 1980s I became involved with Easter Seals Rehabilitation Center in New Haven, Connecticut in hopes of finding employment.  Without rehashing the entire episode again let me just say I soon realized Easter Seals was not where I belonged.  My inner voice was screaming:

It took me about a month after hearing that voice to listen to it.  But I’m in SUCH a BETTER place now then I would have been had I not heeded that voice.

Inner Guidance is an EXTREMELY important sense to follow.  Listen for that voice, that guidance.  It will NEVER steer you wrong.  If something is telling you to change your life, then by all means IF you CAN heed that voice don’t wait for a second calling. You’ll know if what you’re looking to do is the right thing.  If it’s NOT the right thing you’ll find too many obstacles placed in your path.  You may try moving out of state.  You may apply for a new job.  You may put your house up for sale but if these things are note predestined to happen (Yes I believe in predestination.) then no amount of attempting to make these changes will come to fruition.

Hope that helps, my friend.

Be Happy!  Be Well  Be Positive!
Blessings to you!



2 responses to “Inner Guidance

  1. >Your life is meant to be lived as an expression of the creative power that resides in you, .it is your guiding force when you let it guide you.

  2. >Inner guidance is "the rudder we use to steer our lives"…I love it! For sure, people can have different interpretations, but I agree, our inner voice should never go neglected, it usually can have a profound effect on the events in our lives. I believe it is the voice of God within us, whispering to our spirits 🙂

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