Paraplegic Berkeley Student Walks

“It makes me very hesitant to use the word ‘impossible’ ever again,” he told the Oakland Tribune

See?  Another example where your faith can move mountains.  As I said a few weeks ago on my facebook wall:
The next time someone tells you something is impossible ask them how bumblebees fly.

The same can be said for ANYONE who claims someone won’t walk again after suffering a horrific accident as Austin Whitney did.  Faith is real.  Despite what leading scientist Stephen Hawking says about Heaven in his latest news burst, God and some kind of afterlife DOES exist.  There is no doubt in my mind.  I always liked this story, so much so that I wrote about it in my blog:
Life After Death
I’ve seen and heard God working in my life.  There has been undeniable evidence of HIS intervention in my life.  I won’t reiterate all those examples again.  If you’re interested in reading about a few examples you can certainly go back and search words like FAITH, GOD and whatever other words come to mind.  Anyone who knows me at all, either from reading this blog or knowing me on a personal level understands that my faith and my interpretation of the word God is so much a part of me that you simply can’t separate me from my belief system; to do so would be to annihilate my very existence.  I AM my faith.

It is so gratifying for me to see someone else’s faith lift them up, and lift them up LITERALLY, in this case.  And this is yet another example of God NOT being vindictive, NOT being a God of vengeance, NOT being someone to fear.  If you read the article:
Paraplegic Berkeley Student Walks
I linked above, you’ll see why Austin Whitney suffered his accident and why some quarters MAY feel he should stay in the state he’s in now.

Here’s something I pay REALLY close attention to now.  I feel it’s another message from the Divine.  Just heard this song:
Forever Everyday  while working on this blog post.  I see that as further indication that there is INDEED a Divinity working in our lives.  As the post from a previous entry below:
Messages suggests yes, messages from the divine appear ALL the time EVERYWHERE.  And as I’ve mentioned earlier if you’re not steeped in the divine then you won’t see these as coming from divinity, but that’s where they are INDEED coming from.  I see hearing Forever Everyday, as another gentle reminder that God is real and HE is watching over everyone.

You only have to take your spiritual blinders off and see that.  Much like John Carpenter’s Movie:
They Live.  Ya know what?  That movie can be seen as an allegory for this VERY topic.  In this case though you HAVE to put glasses ON to see the truth.  My friend Carla Goddard at Shaman Medicine Woman recently shared a video with similar themes called:
Get Service.  It’s another take on the They Live story.  You must have spiritual sight in order to see the divine.

My theme for today’s blog entry may have been lost on you as I diverted a bit from the original path.  I sometimes do that as I’m writing.  NOTHING and I DO mean NOTHING is impossible if you have faith.  Was having lunch on Monday with a close friend and we talked a bit about this.  Something I said was:

If you have faith and hope, then you can do ANYTHING you set your mind to.

I sincerely believe that.  Do you?

What have you thought was impossible but later discovered through your faith that you were able to do?  Let’s hear from some of you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all!



5 responses to “Paraplegic Berkeley Student Walks

  1. Good Morning Christopher –

    WOW, this quote is very cool. You said, “…that my faith and my interpretation of the word God is so much a part of me that you simply can’t separate me from my belief system; to do so would be to annihilate my very existence. I AM my faith.”

    I hear you loud and clear. Faith is your existence. You live in it! I’m a work-in-progress, as I believe every human is. Some more than others. Faith supports me in my daily affair of living. Sometimes I really need to work at it but one thing remains constant; I never abandon it! I’m blessed as I believe you believe you are as well. Thanks Dude,,,,great post! 🙂

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  4. I really LOVED this post because I believe its so true. Without God, we are nothing and are able to do nothing. God has been able to take me to places I would have never thought I would go. He has helped me out through trials and tribulations that I though would never end. He has done so much for me. Honestly, I do not think I would still be living if it weren’t for him. It is nice to always have those friendly reminders about how amazing and wonderful God truly is. This made my day. Thanks for sharing the link on my wall=)

    • Hi Naomi:
      I couldn’t agree more w/your sentiments. So many times in my own life I’ve counted my blessings, knowing that God has he securely in his embrace.


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