Life Is Supposed To Be Fun

Life is supposed to be fun. You said, “I’ll go forth and choose. I’ll look at the data, and I’ll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this; and I’ll paint a picture of the things that I want, and I’ll vibrate about them because that’s what I’m giving my attention to. And the Universe will respond to my vibration. And then I’ll stand in a new place where a whole new batch of yeses are available, and I’ll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this.” You did not say, “I’ll go forth and struggle into joy,” because from your Nonphysical Perspective you know it is vibrationally not possible. You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.

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Abraham Hicks
Saturday, July 16, 2011

Life is NOT a struggle.  In our physical we make it a struggle.  When we were spiritual, nothing was a struggle.  When we were infants, nothing was a struggle.  We lose that knowledge the further we get from our spiritual, from our infancy.  That knowledge is drummed out of us by society.  It is only a fortunate few that carry that knowledge with us into adulthood.  Those of us who DO continue to keep it have the responsibility to spread the word.

Life doesn’t have to be a struggle.  Find what brings you joy and do that.  But, you say, How can it be that easy?  How can I simply do what brings me joy?

If you’re in THAT vibration of believing you CAN’T do it, then ya know what? you won’t be able to do it.  I’m sure you’ve heard the quote:
If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right.
Do you know who is attributed with saying that?
Henry Ford.

See?  Even back then there were people discussing Law of Attraction.  That quote is one of the basic tenets of Law of Attraction.  That your belief in yourself creates your reality.  It’s fascinating for me and it should be for you as well that these tools have been in our hands for years, for decades, for centuries.

Get out of that vibration.  It’s that easy.  Simply pivot.  Change your attitude.  Change your emotion.  See yourself as a joyful person.  Center on that.  Even if you don’t believe it immediately, the more you focus on joyfulness your brain will rewire itself.

No it won’t happen overnight.  Everything takes time.  But don’t give up if you don’t see immediate progress.  Every step forward is one step you won’t have to take the next time.

Joy is life!
Life is Joy!
Find yours and share it.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you all.



2 responses to “Life Is Supposed To Be Fun

  1. Thanks for this post, dear CJP. Sometimes we know what we ought to do but we don’t do so as we are frightened. The fear stops us from being ‘in’ the moment.

    Joy and peace,

  2. I absolutely, wholeheartedly agree Chris! Yes, life is supposed to be fun! And, as you say, it’s as easy as changing our thoughts!

    Wonderful post! 🙂

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