Is God Delaying Something?

Right now is God delaying something in your life?  Are you ready to give up?  Are you impatient with him?  There maybe a crucial factor that you just don’t have access to.

King’s Cross
Page 67

Timothy Keller

I think this is a natural progression from Wednesday’s Blog Column:
Rotten Practical Jokes where I wrote about God giving us EXACTLY what we asked for.  If you recall, sometimes when we get what we want we later discover the gift wasn’t necessarily what we envisioned.  Even after we have what we thought we wanted we still have to live in our own skin.  If we weren’t happy living with ourselves before our desire was granted what makes us believe we’ll be happy after it is given to us?

It’s the same notion that people have:
If I move away, my problems will disappear.  Unfortunately, it never works that way because we still have to live with ourselves.  We convince ourselves that a change of scenery will change our outlook.  How many times has someone run from their challenges only to see that they have arrived in the new place and have already set up home?

Okay let’s see if I can get back on track:
If God is planning on granting our wish, our desire, our plan for future happiness, HE can’t simply plop it in our laps.  As much as we pray, as much as we ask for instant gratification, it won’t happen overnight.  There are no overnight sensations.

Plans have to be made, roads have to be cleared, rivers have to be crossed, seeds must be planted.  Look outside at the tree.  Did that tree suddenly appear full grown?  Of course not!  Then why do you think God can instantly grant your latest desire?

It just can’t happen!
It won’t happen!

Don’t give up.  I’ll relate an example in Rhonda Byrne’s The Secret:
In one scene in the movie, we see a seed being planted and something just ready to sprout from the ground.  We’ve watered the seed, we’ve waited patiently to see the growth.  Yet nothing is happening.  Every day we look for results.  Every day nothing happens.

How many times have we given up because the thing we want hasn’t happened?
How many times do we turn our backs and walk away?

What would have happened if we waited JUST ONE MORE day?  You MUST remember that God works in his own time.  Time is different in the spiritual dimension.  What for humanity may be days, weeks months; in that other place, it is seconds, minutes, hours.  There is no time in the spiritual dimension and once you’re there, you lose all sense of time.  You forget it actually exists.  That’s why we get impatient when we ask for something and it seems like months go by, years go by with no fulfillment.  It’s because there is no time in that other place.  It’s not that our prayers, our wishes are not being heard, not being granted it’s that those on the other side forget that time exists in humanity.

The next time you’re waiting for a prayer to be answered, to be granted, to be fulfilled, remember this simple notion:
Time doesn’t exist in the spiritual realm.

Don’t give up!
Don’t walk away!

Something is always happening, but it’s happening in spiritual time, where there is no concept of time.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



4 responses to “Is God Delaying Something?

  1. Amazing wisdom here, Chris. It is a great reminder to us all to know God is always at work, but in His own time. He knows what is best for us and when (or if) to give it.
    In the meantime, we must have faith and hope, and continue to press onward, never giving up.
    Thank you for this encouragement today!

  2. Good Morning, Martha:
    Hope your Thanksgiving was nice. Thanks as always for stopping by.

    Have a happy!


  3. Exactly, Chris, precisely on target here. I believe that the desires of our heart are put there by God. Not always, of course. It all depends on what those desires are. If they are divine in nature, we can safely assume he planted them in the soil of our hearts to start with, yes? And this being the case, he is faithful to bring them to fruition. This I believe.

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