Boxing People In

Lauren Holgate at ladaisi recently wrote a column called Little Boxes.  In the column she talks about opening up to a stranger while riding a train.  Reading the title reminded me of a column I wrote called God in a Box.  The word box is used in the same connotation in both postings.When we put ANYONE in a box, we’re attempting to conform their belief system, their worldview into our own.  In the case of Lauren I can ONLY imagine what was going through her mind at the time.  Maybe she was thinking the person next to her was feeling crowded.  In fact, Lauren says something to that effect.  See what happens when we let our perception cloud our thoughts?  Remember what I‘m fond of saying:
If we take off our blinders we can see the world in a completely new light.  It’s one of the reasons I write this blog.  Actually, my full quote is:
I hope this blog helps to remove your spiritual blinders.
Whether they be spiritual blinders or any other type of blinders we can see everything so much clearer if only we take them off.  If we disregard our initial thought sometimes; that someone might want alone time, and initiate a conversation, we might just be surprised by the reaction.  We won’t know unless we take that first step.
We can’t be fearful.
We have to learn to trust.
Reach out more.
Smile more.  Don’t put anyone in a box, for when you do so, you’re attempting to conform your worldview on them.  You’re attempting to squeeze an elephant into a doghouse. What happens when you do that?The elephant doesn’t fit, does it?
It’s the same when you put someone in a box.

Follow Lauren’s train mate’s lead. Reach out. Your day may turn out better as did Lauren’s for making the effort.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive
Blessings to you.



3 responses to “Boxing People In

  1. Hi, Chris!
    Well, it took me all day to finally get to your post, and the journey was well worth it.
    You have been so supportive in the past with my step-son, Nicco, and that has been much appreciated. Last night, he informed us that he is going to move out to his mother’s. He doesn’t like being in an environment where there are rules and expectations.
    He is certainly a person whom a box cannot contain. Yet, his lack of empathy for others is the deepest of concerns for us.
    We all are praying that God moves with a mighty hand as there is nothing else we can do. I pray our Lord will remove the spiritual blinders from Nicco’s eyes and allow him to really see the needs of others, the love for our neighbor, the grace that only comes from God.
    Thank you for your wonderful posts, Chris, and thank you for being there as a friend.

  2. Hello! I love the direction you took this topic in your post. Also, thanks for the linkup (ladaisi).

    I’ve been finding that there really is no excuse not to reach out and connect with other people – and I am living in a foreign country and am surrounded by people of a different language! It’s the best way to grow as an individual and to make yourself useful to others. Public transportation helps, too.

    • Hi Lauren:
      Glad you enjoyed my column. I’ll reads more of your own blog Like they way you write and I also like your blog’s theme.


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