The Finger of God

And the finger of God inscribes on the uterine wall of night its prophecy of life…
In the drenched flesh, in the fabric beyond the flesh, they have touched transcendence, a syzygy greater than wonder ever could know.  There is nothing other.

–William Everson
Christian Mystics
Page 193
Matthew Fox

Please forgive my overtly spiritual blog today.  Just remember when I use the word God, I’m not referring to the religious God.  I use the word in the spiritual all encompassing power.  If you are uncomfortable with the word, feel free to substitute it with Higher Power/Source/Universe.  They all mean the same thing in my opinion.

My friend, Lisa R. has been a huge influence in regards to my reading material recently.  We share a similar belief system and I love seeing the books she gets.  Christian Mystics is no exception.  I placed an order for the book through the library and once my copy arrived, I KNEW it was going to wind up as a resource for my blog.  Once I saw the value of the book I placed an order at my local bookstore and checked in the library book sending it on its way to the next lucky recipient.

I’ve been leafing through the pages of my OWN copy for the past couple of days, bookmarking various pages for easy retrieval.  I have plenty of material to use now.  Looking forward to imparting some of the quotes and my interpretation.

And the finger of God inscribes on the uterine wall of night its prophecy of life…
Conception is spiritual.  It always has been.  Yes there is a physical component as well, however it is mainly spiritual.  This I have come to believe over time.  Reading as many books as I have on the subject it has slowly taken hold as part of my worldview.  The most recent book that has influenced my point of view on the topic is Michael Newton’s Destiny of Souls.  After reading that book if you don’t come away KNOWING that conception and birth are purely spiritual, that we are souls first, that as Wayne Dyer is fond of saying that we REALLY ARE spiritual beings having a physical experience then you might want to go back and read the book again or if you haven’t read it at all, maybe this is the time to pick it up.  That book left a lasting impression on me and even though I DO believe EVERYTHING the book professes it is still good to see it written on paper.

And the finger of God inscribes on the uterine wall of night its prophecy of life…
It is REALLY God who gives life.  Not humanity.

God decides when conception begins.
God’s prophecy maps our life.  I’ve certainly talked about this here before, that there is a plan that has been provided for us, a roadmap we MUST follow.  That only God knows where that map leads.  It is our duty to follow it to wherever it leads.  The prophecy will unfold only if we follow the clues, only if we follow where the map says to go.  That’s our “prophecy of life.”

Every life that begins at conception is indeed in Gods hands.  The lives HE creates are miracles and unless we see them as miracles, unless we devote our lives to giving back the gifts HE has bestowed on us we will live unfulfilled lives.  That’s why I believe there is so much despair so much depression, so much defeat in our lives.  It’s because we haven’t followed our path.  It’s because we’ve followed the money.  We have detoured.  We have forgotten the promise that as long as we follow our dreams, chased our gifts that the money will follow.  Many of us have gotten mixed up.  We’ve transposed the things that are important.  We think MORE will make us happy.

More money.
More stuff.

When in actuality, we should be chasing our gifts first, following our dreams first.  That’s what brings the ONLY REAL happiness.

That’s what God wants.
What do you want?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



3 responses to “The Finger of God

  1. You are writing on one of my favorite topics here today, Chris – following the path God has set for you, seeing those clues along the way, listening closely for His direction, using the talents and gifts He has given to fulfill His will and purpose for our lives.
    And, yes, we are, indeed, spiritual beings having a physical experience. I absolutely believe that!
    Blessings to you!

    • Hi Martha:
      I believe it too. Doing my best to show others the power belief has in my own life and carrying that message forward.

      Thanks for stopping by today.


  2. Chris, first of all, I prefer the word “God” over universe because in one of my works of fiction I portrayed a character saying to her New Age daughter , “Did the universe die for your sins?!” LOL
    I’m a Christian mystic myself, so you KNOW I’ll embrace these upcoming posts, as I embrace this one.
    Great stuff here! Tweeted.

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