Childhood Memories

Martha Orlando, a close blogger friend of mine who I’ve developed a friendship with over the past year or so wrote a column last Tuesday (June 26) called Blue Skies Smiling At Me.  It set me on a road down the so called Memory Lane.  I commented about a game my maternal grandfather and I. Used to play after dinner in the summer.  The game was Airplane.

When darkness fell I would go outside in the backyard of my grandparent’s house and lay back on a chaise lounge with my grandfather and we’d both look up at the sky.  The first one to spot the tell tale lights would shout out:

Spending so many of my formative years with my maternal grandparents was a huge blessing for me as my SINGLE BEST friend during my childhood right through high school lived just around the corner.  It’s one of the blessings I’ve always encountered with my friends.  The three or four best friends I’ve had during the three or four stages in my life have been within a doable distance for me.

I know. I know.  You’re saying, well isn’t that to be expected?  If someone is your best friend, doesn’t it stand to reason that you’d be close by each other.  Maybe.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.  I’ve always been fortunate to have my best friends nearby.

Back on course:
Another blessing of spending so much time with my grandparents is that my grandfather gave me so many tangible and intangible gifts growing up.
–He taught me to fish.  There was a pond just down the street from their house and I’d literally spend all day there casting my line. Some mornings I’d wake up grab breakfast and skip on down to the pond and stay there until night fall

–My grandfather introduced me to the world of photography.  Now every time I take a picture I smile inside and say an unconscious prayer thanking him for that glorious gift.  Everyone should be so fortunate to have such a childhood.

What are some of your blessings and memories of your youth?
Do you have any?

If not, search your soul, I’m sure you can find one.  If you find one, you’ll be sure to discover others.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



6 responses to “Childhood Memories

  1. My favorite memory is when I was 15 and met the person I married 6 years later. He was the “nicest” boy I’d ever met.

  2. Thanks so much, Chris, for mentioning my blog here! I love that you took the memories of your grandfather and told us more about the things he taught you and, most importantly, the time he spent with you. What a wonderful man he was!
    Blessings to you!

  3. I have so many nice memories from my childhood, and many of them involve my gran father who died 12 years ago; but my grand mother is still alive and she gives me such good times and teaches me lots of things.

    Thanks for sharing your memories and bring back ours with your words.

  4. Chris, and every time you take a picture, your grandfather is right there with you, not just in your memory or mind, but you have integrated that part of him into your being, thus he is there taking that same picture. I believe our departed loved ones remain with us as long as we honor those memories.

    I’m writing about my Uncle Barney. I’d cross the orchards every day from my white-frame house to his. We’d sit under tall cool trees while I’d watch Uncle Barney’s long thin fingers like clockwork carve any shape imagined from the sharp blade of his pocket knife.

    I collected an assortment of creatures with beads glued in the sockets of their eyes: a flamingo, a long-eared bunny, and a little dog among other things: a windmill, a piano, a thief being shot out of an owner’s watermelon patch.

  5. My brother and I were just talking the other day about how lucky we were to have grown up along the Delaware river. It was real Tom Sawyer stuff — swimming holes, rope swings, dragonflies. Our parents provided the love and attention needed so we only had to think about getting our feet muddy and our shoulders tanned from being out in the water.
    I’ll always be grateful for that.

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