My Simple Religion

This is my simple religion. There is no need for temples, no need for complicated philosophy. Our own brain, our own heart is our temple, the philosophy is kindness.

Dalai Lama

The Dalai Lama has so much to say and I find myself resonating with more of his philosophies every time I come across something he believes.  With the exception that Buddhism doesn’t believe there is an entity known as God, I would have to say my own personal belief system, my paradigm, my world view most resembles Buddhism.

That’s where I feel most comfortable.  As I said, however, there’s that pesky thing about NOT accepting that there is a guiding hand, a higher power, an entity greater than ourselves protecting us, guiding us, showing us the way.

I DO believe there is no need for temples as I don’t attend a structural organized religion.
I DO believe that our own brain our own heart is our temple.  They can show the way.

I’ve always found my spirituality through personal communion with MY God as I understand him to be.  I’ve found a closer relationship, a stronger relationship aside from organized religion.  I carry on a conversation with MY God on daily basis.

Not simply on Sunday.

If it weren’t that Buddhists didn’t accept that there was a guiding force in the heavens, I would be ALL in.  As I wrote last Monday in Love and Compassion, another post where I quoted The Dalai Lama, it’s where I feel I belong.  Now, as I’m sitting here writing this post, I’m beginning to wonder whether at some point in a past incarnation whether I MAY well have been Buddhist.

What do they say about Past Lives and Reincarnation in general?
–If you feel comfortable in a situation or place where you shouldn’t, it’s possible you may have lived that situation in the past.

All certainly interesting concepts to consider.  I’m CERTAINLY at ease with MOST of what Buddhism offers.

What do you believe?
Where are you most comfortable?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



8 responses to “My Simple Religion

  1. Kindness should indeed be a part of every religion, kindness emanating from love, and love emerging out of an overflowing blessed relationship that fills us to the full. 😉

  2. With you, I love the Buddhist teaching, but I find it difficult to digest the fact they don’t believe in God. Just where do they think all this goodness, kindness, and love comes from? Always wondered . . .
    Indeed, this is another thought-provoking post, Chris!

    • Yup. Its about the ONLY fact of Buddhism that I can wrap my head around. Too much has happened in my life that I can only account to God/The Divine.

  3. Hi Chris, the bible does speak of our body being the temple in which God dwells by His Spirit, so I totally agree with the point you made about our own hearts being the temple. Blessings and encouragement always! Have a great day!

  4. Omigosh!! Are we ever on “the same page”!!!!!!!

  5. Chris, I know that most believe Buddhism is a religion, but it’s not considered one of the world’s religions like Hinduism, Judaism, Muslim, and Christianity. It’s actually a philosophy, so you are spot on! You resonate with a philosophy of life, which I do too. It’s all about love and compassion anyway.
    We don’t need the temple when we ARE the temple of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Lord!
    Shine on!

    • After reading about Buddhism, I certainly understand that Buddhism is not a religion. It is INDEED a philosophy and one I identify with and resonate with more than any other worldview w/that ONE tiny exception.

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