Who Motivates You?

For the past three weeks, I’ve been getting up an hour earlier three days a week, at 430 instead of 530 to walk three miles.  It has never been a challenge for me to get up because I have someone I walk with.  She motivates me to put my feet on the ground when that alarm wakes me from a sound and relaxing sleep.  It would be SO easy to turn the alarm off, roll over, grab my covers and fall back to sleep but the pressure of knowing I’ve made this commitment motivates me to get up.  I can honestly say that if I didn’t have a partner to walk with I wouldn’t be motivated to do so.  I’ve noticed progress too.

When we began walking a few weeks ago, it would take us about an hour to do three miles.  Last Friday (August 10) we shaved about ten minutes off our time and mph has been steadily increasing as well.  We started out walking between 3.5 and 3.75 mph.  On Friday (again the 10th) I noticed our mph was up to 4.1.  We’ve discussed looking for others to join us but if there is ONE thing about the two of us that is challenging it’s that we don’t like when someone is dragging us down.

In other words if someone is not keeping our pace we get agitated.  Personally, I know that if I’m out on my own and simply walking through town or walking ANYWHERE for that matter and if someone is in front of me and just taking their time and slowing me down, I can become quite frustrated, especially if I can’t pass them.  My normal gait, while not 4.1 mph is a bit faster than your average person and I REALLY get frustrated when someone is holding me back.

I think now that I’m actively walking three days a week and building up my endurance, my gait may pick up a bit more.  If that’s the case, I’ll have to be more cognizant of other people because I’ll naturally want to be walking at a quicker pace now that I’ve been able to build my overall endurance.

I notice now as I’ve been exercising on a more regular basis, the muscles in my legs are straining to keep up with my endurance.  They are aching a bit for the first few hours after I’m done.  That’s a good thing though, because it shows that I’m actually using them and as I walk more the ache will dissipate.

So who motivates you?
What are you doing to improve your own health?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



10 responses to “Who Motivates You?

  1. I think it’s so great to have someone there to motivate you! Definitely an encouraging thing helping one progress to their goals. I, unfortunately, kind of go solo , not having anyone really to work out with or anything. I have been waking up early lately..to chant/meditate and a few mornings a week to hit the gym. I’m really enjoying yoga but still very new at it and am enjoying jogging and strength training as well. It does feel great to feel stronger, lighter and notice changes in my energy levels.

    Glad you are enjoying your early morning walks! 🙂

    • Hi Jessica:
      The yoga I do is keeping me upright and walking. It something I MUST do so I can continue to remain mobile. Power walking is keeping me healthy and it’s is also something I MUST continue. Having someone to push me is REALLY a good thing.

      Stay well!


  2. Chris, having set goal/goals in life is certainly a good thing to motivate you to achieve them..Even nicer when you have someone who will encourage you to stick with it, no matter the pain or the discomfort. I am motivated by this article to get my walking shoes back on and let the ‘rubber meet the road.’

    Have an enjoyable day!

    • Good Morning, Yvonne:
      My walking partner and I didn’t meet this morning as she had an appointment. That didn’t stop me though. Still did my three miles. Will probably go out later and do another walk.

      It’s so important now for me to maintain my discipline. I want to keep up with my partner when we walk next on Thursday.

      See? There’s that motivator again.


  3. Kudos to you, Chris, for exercising! I try to hit the gym at least three or four times per week. Motivation? Battling osteoporosis. Exercise is a must!
    Blessings to you and keep on truckin’, my friend!

    • Hi Martha:
      Yup. If I want to maintain my health I MUST continue this regiment. NOT going to wind up like so many people I know who have given up. My maternal grandfather comes to mind again:
      He had polio growing up and he wound up w/a limp the rest of his life. I THINK he used that limp as a crutch, (LoL) as an excuse to stop exercising. As a result his muscles atrophied and later in life he struggled to walk.

      Yes it was ALWAYS a challenge for him to walk, however if he pushed through that struggle, he MAY HAVE been able to lead a healthier life as he grew older. Unfortunately, in this case, I think he gave up.

      Trust me, he’s another motivator. Seeing him unable to get around as he aged, is pushing me NOT to let that happen to me.


  4. VERY inspiring, Chris!!!

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  6. I got sick 2 years ago, I got a sleeping disorder and the only way for me to recover was the exercise; so being healthy again after 6 months sleeping almost only 1 hour per day motivated me 🙂

    • Hi Pablo:
      Keeping fit, exercising, walking, yoga etc is the ONLY thing keeping me upright. So that’s a master motivator in itself. Good for you that you see a clear path to staying healthy.


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