You Are My Sunshine

As with Geese, Birds and Funerals, I went to a service on Sunday and another odd event occurred.  While the entire day had been cloudy with intermittent sprinkling, with the service just under way, the sun pushed its way through the clouds.  What’s so odd about that?  You may ask?  I’ll tell you.  The person who transitioned was called My Sunshine.  As I wrote in Geese, Birds and Funerals:
Anyone who has been following this blog for sometime must understand that I’m constantly looking for meaning in any sacred event.  There are no accidents.  Everything happens for a reason.

My thoughts:
Seeing the sun push the clouds away, is a CLEAR indication to me of a message being pushed to the congregation at the service.  That message?
That I’m okay where I am now.

Those in the spiritual realm cannot communicate in the same way as those left behind so they are left to find other ways of leaving messages.  I only hope people realized what the sun coming out meant.  I only hope, the person the message was most meant for understood.  As I rode home with my friend I came with, we talked and we both understood what it meant.

I went to the service to support my friend who was left behind.  I didn’t know who transitioned personally, only from what my friend told me.  They were together for a short time but someone who spoke said:
He believed that everything happens for a reason.

Does that sound familiar?  The speaker continued:
He believed that the short time was significant because without the time they had together he didn’t think there would have been as much time as they had.

In other words, my friend was the rock.  It was my friend who was there, who helped, who took care of the stricken.  If they hadn’t met when they did this time, they wouldn’t have have had the limited time they had together.  The next time they incarnate together this test will be behind them and they will have more time together.  Remember!

We incarnate in order to learn our lessons.
We incarnate to graduate, to move up the spiritual ladder, to reach for enlightenment.  With each test we pass, we move one step closer.

But the ONLY way to move one step closer is to return, to reincarnate, to physicalize.  That’s why I’m convinced:
They met at the exact time they were supposed to meet.
They met before.
They will meet again.

Life is cyclical.
Life is Green.

In Dying is Not the End, I said:
God is Green.
God recycles our souls.

You are my sunshine.
Can you think of another reason why the sun would appear just as the service started?
I can’t!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



3 responses to “You Are My Sunshine

  1. Excellent! Thank you, Chris.

  2. Absolutely Chris, everything happens for a reason. This is a message of hope….the sun will push the clouds away and brightness indeed will come that we can all shine in our own different way for the glory and honour of God. Have a great day my friend! Blessings as always!

  3. You are my sunshine . . . this was my favorite song as a little girl because my dad always sang it to me. Sweet memories . . .
    And, yes, Chris, I definitely agree that everything happens for a reason and all in God’s time and plan.
    Blessings to you!

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