Hurricane Sandy

Stepping out of the box today.  No Law of Attraction Monday.  Wisdom and Life today will take a look at Hurricane Sandy and it’s damage to my hometown.  Work at the Scranton Library in Madison, Connecticut was out for four days.  I returned to work on Friday.  My power was out for just two full days.  Tuesday at 430 pm until Thursday at 2 pm.  My power went out for just four hours on Monday from 1230 to 430 pm.  I was in my car at 430 pm charging my phone when I happened to look out my windshield and saw the parking lot lights flicker on again.  I shut my eyes and opened them again, not really believing what I saw.  But the lights stayed on.  Power stayed on the rest of Monday night and into Tuesday all morning.  I thought, Wow!  I’m not going to lose power.

Alas, it wasn’t meant to be.  At 430, exactly twenty four hours after it was restored, power was out again.  Ever the optimist that I am, and always finding the positive in the challenges that arise, I can say that like Irene in August 2011, the temperature hadn’t fallen far enough to justify turning on my heat.  Seeing that I have electric heat that was amazing, yet another example of my being watched over, being protected.  I will always feel that hand of the Divine, that hand of Source, that hand of God enveloping me in HIS light.  It’s as I’ve said here on so many occasions, however:
The only reason I see these things as Divine is because I see EVERYTHING as Divine.  These examples happen to EVERYONE ALL the time.  Only those who are steeped in this paradigm will see it as Divine.

Even this late in November I have only put the heat on once in mid October.  See?  I don’t feel the cold as much as I feel the heat.  That’s a blessing when I’m without power in November.

Thankfully there was not extensive tree damage as I believe Irene in August 2011 took down the weak trees.  Madison, Connecticut recorded the highest wind gust in Connecticut and the 4th highest during the storm at 85 mph.  Even at that speed the number of trees that were felled didn’t come close to the number during Irene.

On Tuesday morning, once the storm dissipated I walked downtown and along the waterfront to capture the effects of the storm with my camera.  Feel free to take a look at the destruction as seen through my eyes:
Hurricane Sandy at CJP Photos
.  There are six galleries here.  Click on each image to see each gallery.  If you’d like a reminder of Irene.  I was out the day after that storm as well.  Those images are here:
Hurricane Irene at CJP Photos

The blessing during Sandy and Irene is that the damage to the Connecticut shoreline was nowhere near as extensive as it was in New York, New Jersey and other locations along the Eastern Seaboard.  I feel for those who lost everything in New Jersey.  What a horrible experience for those residents.  Here’s hoping they recover as best they can.  I’ll take a passage from my friend Martha Orlando at Meditations of my Heart:
Will you pray with me?
Here’s hoping those in the more extreme path of Sandy’s destruction will make a speedy recovery.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



5 responses to “Hurricane Sandy

  1. Thank you for the mention here, Chris! Your photos are amazing and truly tell the story of the storm. Yes, we must all continue to be in prayer for those affected adversely by Sandy.
    Blessings, my friend, and so glad you stayed safe!

    • Hi Martha:
      Thanks for stopping by. Photography is another huge passion along with writing. I was fortunate not lose any property or have any damage whatsoever.

      Hope those who did not come through unscathed find some normalcy soon.


  2. I am SO thankful that my friend in Madison, Connecticut is ok and his outlook is still bright and encouraging in spite of the cold and lack of power for awhile.
    Those photos tell the tale.
    Joining you in prayer for all the victims of Sandy who suffered loss.

    • I Debra:
      Thanks for stopping by. Optimism the only way for me to live as I’ve seen the other side and I have no intention of going down that road. The glass is always half full for this traveller


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