Changing Your Attitude, Changes Your Environment

Before I start off today, I have to acknowledge something.  With this post today I have reached the magic number of 500. 

500 times I’ve published something here at Wisdom and Life; an amazing feat in and of itself and one I must pause to consider.  I had no clue I reached such a milestone until I went back last night to make sure this was scheduled to publish on time.  I don’t often think about how much I’ve written, so I was somewhat surprised to realize I reached 500 today with this posting.

Changing your attitude has a profound effect on others as well as yourself.

Christopher Jennings Penders
Saturday, January 12, 2013

As with all the topics I discuss here, I’ve written about this countless times in the past, however I’ve  experienced the above phenomenon again in the last couple of months.  A business I’ve been frequenting out of town has had an employee who I FELT has been rather aggressive with me since I first started going there.

Whenever I went in and saw this person, my energy plummeted, knowing how I was going to be treated.  And guess what?

It never failed!

I FELT, it SEEMED that I  was treated aggressively.

I finally realized how I contributed to the atmosphere and decided to test my hypothesis that we get what we give.  Now I understood what would happen by pivoting slightly and changing my behavior before approaching the business.  I went in with a positive attitude, smiling at the business person, giving a genuine hello.

Slowly over the course of about a month, his behavior pivoted as well.  It is amusing to me now as I reflect back on the situation; in that I understand how to affect the environment around me.  The question then becomes so, if I know how to change someone else, by changing my own attitude, then why didn’t I do so immediately upon realizing what the challenge was?

This all came to fruition one day last week.  Before heading to an appointment later in the day, I stopped by the restaurant.  The same waiter was there and since I changed my my attitude, he’s been nothing but genuinely happy to see me.  The day I went in and ordered my food, I was surprised to get a larger portion of what I ordered.  He said it was on him that day.  So, see?  because I changed my expectation of the service I would get, his attitude changed as well.

That experience proves once again how important a role Law of Attraction plays in everyone’s life.  Whether we know it or not, LoA is always affecting every decision we make.  If we can begin to see this we can change every aspect of our lives.

We can have the life we desire, by changing our own position.
The only way something or someone in our lives will change, is if we make the effort to change our attitude, change our position.  It’s like Wayne Dyer says:
in his book:

Change your Thoughts, Change Your Life

The thing is however, we have to want to change.  Take the above example to heart.  It worked for me.  It can work for you.

Are you strong enough to do the work?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



9 responses to “Changing Your Attitude, Changes Your Environment

  1. Wow, Chris! 500? That’s super! And, I love the story you have shared with us today – how treating someone else in a positive, upbeat manner can change an entire situation for the better. Great reminder that we are not victims of our circumstances, we are the changers.
    Blessings, my friend!

    • Hi Martha:
      That story has played out over and over in my life. Different characters, same story. Once I realize what is going on and I wake up and make that change, everything around me changes as well. It an amazing opportunity for those who let go and change their attitude in the face of such perceived aggressiveness.

      When you bring your light, your positive energy to a challenging event, there is no way that challenge, that negativity can survive. As I said in the post, however, we have to be emotionally willing, emotionally strong enough to see beyond the facts and take that first step.

      Thanks, as always for stopping by today, Martha!

  2. Congratulations on your 500th post Chris!! It is the changes that we make in ourselves that really change everything else around us, even people.

    God bless you!

  3. I arrived to make a reply and found that Martha Orlando beat me to exactly what I was going to say, starting with “Wow.” Now, why am I not surprised?

  4. First of all, congratulations on reaching the 500 post mark! Well done, Chris.
    I absolutely believe in Wayne Dyer’s ” Change your life, thoughts, change your life.” I’ve seen it in action numerous times in my life. The example you’ve shared is fantastic.

  5. Great stuff! We so often forget that our attitudes are controlled by US! Oh – congrats on 500 posts, too! Great milestone to hit. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  6. Congrats on 500 posts!

    I’ve learned that perspective is key. In the midst of whatever circumstances come our way, our goal is not to change those circumstances but to change our perspective of those circumstances. It is then that we live as changed people.

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