Proof of Heaven

Proof of Heaven
Eben Alexander

I mentioned this book in a few online social circles I belong to in the past few days but I wanted to give a more detailed description of the book and why it so deeply resonated with me.

As Monty Python used to say:
…And now forSomething completely different.
One of my blog followers who works in Madison, Connecticut came into the the library on Saturday to return some books.  When she saw me at the desk she smiled and said:
Boy do I have a book for you.

She proceeded to describe Proof of Heaven and said I could read it in a day.  There are very few books that I can read in a day.  Typically, my reading pattern goes something like this:
Read for about an hour.
Put the book down
Return to the book later in the day.
It usually takes come on average about two or three days to finish a book.

I bet you know where I’m going here.

My follower couldn’t have been more right!  I started Proof of Heaven on Monday around 830 in the in the morning.  Read for an hour then went out, reluctantly to see my year old niece at the library.  If it hadn’t been for the fact that my niece had drawn me away, I’d have read straight through.  This book hooked me from the beginning.

Proof of Heaven is a Neurosurgeon’s journey from skeptic of Near Death Experiences (NDE) to full blown believer in their existence.  An amazing transformation seeing as we are talking about a doctor who is practiced in brain science.  Without giving too much of the story away, let’s say Dr Alexander was stricken with an illness that “killed” his brain.

What I found completely stunning about this book over many others I’ve read on the subject of life after death, of our souls outlasting our bodies is that unlike other books I’ve read, Proof of Heaven is told by a doctor relaying his own experience while brain dead.  Other books I’ve read on this topic (and there have been many) have been written much differently.

Two that come to mind immediately are Michael Newton’s Journey of Souls and Brian Weiss’s Many Lives, Many Masters.  The stories in those two books were told to someone.  With Proof of Heaven the person writing the account is the actual person who underwent the experience.  Not only that but he was also a neurosurgeon who heard these very same stories from his own patients who underwent an NDE.  Yet he was skeptical of his patients.  Not believing their stories and looking for scientific answers as to why they experienced what they say they experienced.

Another fascinating thing I took away from this book is that Dr Alexander used much of the same language that I do when discussing life and death and being positive.  I took away two overriding themes from reading this book and they are things that Dr Alexander continued to say:
1.  Love is why we are here.  To love others and to understand that we are loved by our creator more than we know

2.  That there is more to us then the physical shell we inhabit while we are here.  That the soul does live on after we discard the earthly shell.

Why do I call our bodies a shell?  Because like Dr Alexander I take it on faith that we do move beyond our bodies after we transition.  If a pronounced non believer can have an experience such as Dr Alexander had, and come away a changed person, then anyone after reading this book can certainly take comfort in knowing that a doctor, someone who has been programmed to take science as his learning tool, someone who needs to see proof has been re-programmed has had a change and now is preaching to everyone that NDEs are real; that they are proof of Heaven.

I implore all skeptics to read this book.  This book is unlike many others on the market today as I mentioned above in that we are reading about a doctor’s experience and his changed worldview.

Always remember the themes of this book:
1.  Love is why we are here.  To love others and to understand that we are loved by our creator more than we know

2.  That there is more to us then the physical shell we inhabit while we are here.  That the soul does live on after we discard the earthly shell.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Please share this far and wide.  Everyone MUST read this book!


5 responses to “Proof of Heaven

  1. Chris – thanks for a great thought provoking post. I concur that this is a book that for those leaning into spirituality should read. I also found it extremely easy to read and very inspirational.

    I love the theme Dr. Alexander points out too as: “Love is why we are here. To love others and to understand that we are loved by our creator more than we know”

    I also loved his talk on Oprah. They deep dived into his post experience mindsets and I can tell you this – This guy is changed from this experience. He is determined to share what he learned. Very inspiring talk if you can find it on Youtube or something.

    Hopefully, you have inspired others to pick this book up.

  2. Brilliant Chris! Source of inspiration. Keep up the reading and t he writing. Have a great day!

  3. A while back, I read a review of this book and have been meaning to read it. Thanks for the reminder, Chris!
    And, yes, as C. S. Lewis said – “You don’t have a soul, you are a soul. You have a body.”

  4. So what does heaven look like? I guess i have to read the book to find out. But having been 50 for just one day, heaven is feeling too close. I may have to shelve that one for a while….

  5. This sounds like a great book Chris! I’mG going to have to see if I can get my hands on it! I’ve heard others mention it but you really intrigued me with it in this post. The themes you took away from it completely resonate to my own sense of what is true about reality. We are not our bodies. I like the CS Lewis quote that goes something like, “We are spiritual beings having a human experience”, I think it was CS Lewis.

    And to love…..That is a theme that resounds from every mystic I’ve ever read from, regardless of the wisdom tradition they come from. Btw..I really like how this book comes from a man who has a scientific, analytical mind. Skepticism is just a part (perhaps a hindrance sometimes) of my spiritual self..I tend to question, to doubt, and that leads me off my path more times that I would care for. So, I really appreciate those who can dig deep, question and be critical when considering reality.

    Another great post. Thanks! 🙂

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