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Bless Those You Wish to Curse

There is story of a righteous man who is asked to curse another man. He is told that the person in question is evil and wants to hurt everyone. The righteous man replies, “instead of cursing him, wouldn’t it be easier to bless him so that he’ll be able only to see the Light? If he can only see the Light, the rest will be taken care of, won’t it?”
Today, bless the people you want to curse. You can’t fight darkness with darkness. You have to fight it with Light.25002,21,700 person.

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Instead of cursing him, wouldn’t it be easier to bless him so that he’ll be able only to see the Light?

It takes a strong person to realize this.  Some of us are just not that enlightened yet.  That’s not a bad thing as we eventually all cross that line.  It takes many incarnations for us to reach that level.  Some of us get there sooner than others.  The object is to arrive at that point at some time.  Darkness is a negative force, but one tiny light can fill that void instantly.

It only takes one light and you can see through any darkness.  As it is with any person who appears dark, evil.  Maybe they are just seeking the only outlet they know.  If one brave enough, strong enough reaches out to them, shows them the light, maybe they too will break out through the darkness.

Do you know someone who is throwing darkness?
Have you tried throwing light onto them instead of reflecting their behavior back to them?  If you have then you know what happens.  They become so flustered they have no recourse.  They have no clue how to react.  Generally, they will simply walk away because they didn’t acheive what they were seeking.

Throwing light has two actions then:
–It keeps the discourse civil.
–It creates a better atmosphere where darkness can’t survive.

In all instances, the righteous man is correct.

Can you become that righteous man?
I bet you can!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.



What is Joy

Sometimes your joy is the source of your smile, but sometimes your smile can be the source of your joy.

Thich Nhat Hanh

I discovered Thich Nhat Hanh a couple years ago while visiting someone I know.  Several of his books lined the book shelves.  Being that i was in this paradigm at the time I took one down and leafed through it.  I knew this person whose books there were wanted to move in this direction.  They were stuck.  Oh they wanted people to believe they were enlightened.

I knew different.

After leafing through the book I took down from the shelf, I asked if I could borrow the books by Hanh.  What an amazing person he is.  Anyone wanting to understand, joy, peace, love should check him out.  After discovering him, I went into research mode.

Typically, upon finding a subject that fascinates me I dig deep into said topic.  Did you know that Martin Luther King nominated Hanh for the Nobel Peace Prize?  Much of Hanh’s writing reminds me of Buddhism.  That’s because he founded a Buddhist Church.  As you may know from previous entries at Wisdom and Life, I identify very closely with Buddhist thought.  It’s where I feel most aligned.  It’s what brings me joy.  So much of what Buddhism stands for is where I stand; with one glaring exception.  That being that Buddhists don’t have a Divinity the pray to, they don’t believe there is a higher power.  They don’t pray to God.

That’s the one thing I simply cannot comprehend.
Not that anyone doesn’t have a right to their opinion.

I’ve seen too much.
I know too much.

I see God in everything.  My Faith is simply too strong.

So, let’s see if we can swing this post back to the topic at hand.  When I began writing this I wanted to know what Joy means to you.  I searched around for quotes on Joy and settled on the one above by Thich Nhat Hanh.

What brings you joy?
What does Joy mean to you?

Would love to hear from you in the comments below.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


Rules of Engagement

One of the things I’ve stopped doing since enjoying this new paradigm I’m in is not to engage someone in a verbal confrontation.  Typically if someone launches into me it has to do with my belief system.

It happened on a local blog/news site a few months ago.  I didn’t engage, because I understood they were simply looking for a reaction.  Ninety percent of the time when someone questions me they are simply looking for a reaction.

The above example of my being confronted reminds me of Dustin Stout’s entry at his blog called Stay Humble.  I shared that entry yesterday saying:
One of the things I do when I’m emotionally abused is to take a step back from my attacker and realize that much of the time when something negative is done to me, it has nothing to do with me.  Either:
A) My attacker is releasing their energy on me because they themselves had just had an equally negative experience and I was the first person in their line of sight:

B) My attacker is simply reflecting something in their own persona they don’t like about themselves and they can’t throw the negativity at themselves so they look for a substitute and transfer their anger:

If you can keep this in mind the next time someone negatively affects you, you’ll maybe be able to better handle the situation.

Why give someone what they are looking for when what they are seeking is a reaction to negativity?  It will only serve to perpetuate the activity.

I’ve learned to turn the other cheek.  It’s not that I’m averse to confrontation, but why devote negative energy on top of negative energy?  Isn’t better to throw light upon darkness?  If you can’t throw light, then certainly don’t throw dark.  That will only hurt you.  I learned this lesson long ago and I’m hoping to teach it by example.

I understand that I run the risk of verbal confrontation because some of what I discuss at Wisdom and Life is ripe for attack:
Writing about Spirituality can cause conflict especially when using words such as God and Religion.

That’s I’m very careful not to use the word Religion in any of my writings.  When I use the word God I mention that I’m using it in the universal way as in the Divine, the Spiritual God, not the Religious God.  Typically, this sets most people at ease.  There will always be that one person who can’t see what I’m attempting to point out and occasionally I will be on the receiving end of negativity.  When that happens I’ve learned not to react.

Of course there will always be a segment of society that either doesn’t care or doesn’t understand the ramifications of said behavior.  I mentioned J.C. Kendalls blog entry:
What is Your Personal Brand Saying About You?
in last Friday’s entry:  
Sharing, Re-Sharing and Circles
and that entry happens to hold some truth here as well in that ALL of our online activity is now searchable.  Business, prospective dates, clients:
They can all find anything about any of us easier now than at any other time in history.  What does your online resume say about you?

Are you an instigator?
Are you a verbal/emotional vampire?  If you said yes, it isn’t too late to change.

Are you strong enough to turn the other cheek in the face of a negative storm?
Are you strong enough NOT to be the vampire?  Not to attack?

Social Media and the Internet has brought everyone closer and yet has also pulled everyone further apart.  How can that be you may be asking?  It has pulled us further apart because we are able to hide behind a screen, hide behind a created persona, hide behind a made up name.

That’s another reason Google+ has so drawn me into its realm.  G+ is attempting to have its users adopt their real names when writing content.  As I’m writing this now, I understand the implications for this policy:
By using our real names, we MAY be less likely to throw vitriol around.

Social Media has brought people together in a more meaningful way than anyone ever anticipated with the advent of the Internet.  Think of all the ways we connect now:

And these are just four of the most prominent networks.  Social Media is becoming Internet 2.0 if it hasn’t already.  That’s why it is so important to filter what we say online.

Do we really want the “Drunk” photo showing up permanently in our online resume?
Do we really want that post saying I suffer from Tourette’s. as part of who we are?

Unfortunately for a vast majority of people on Facebook this is what we see.  And it’s another reason I extricated myself from the network.  I don’t need to be part of a network that is becoming more juvenile with each passing day.  It’s why I’ve settled into G+.  The discussion on Google’s platform has so far been focused on the positive, has so far been more professional.  It would appear that for professional content, LinkedIn and Google+  are where you want to focus your attention.  Although these two networks operate in different ways, G+ being a platform where you must actively share and produce content and LinkedIn being a storage bank for your professional resume, they both rely on professional content and not the common content you find on Facebook.

Have you noticed I don’t have much positive feedback for Facebook?  Maybe it’s because that network has outlived my productivity.  The place to be now is Google+ and I’m so happy to be here.  I’ve learned more here on G+ in the past few months than I have during the entire time I’ve been here.  One group I belong to is responsible for my exponential learning.  The Blogging Army that Jeremy Smith assembled placed me in contact with several heavy hitters in the G+ World.  Larry Deane being one of them.  From Larry I became acquainted with several other G+ heavy hitters such as, Jesse Wojdylo and Mark Traphagen.  If you have any desire to know what’s happening on G+ I suggest putting these people in a circle you regularly check.  They will all provide you with a vast amount of much needed info on G+.

What I find completely fascinating about The Blogging Army that Jeremy has assembled is the fact that all of our blogs have the same central theme.  It just proves to me again how connected everything is.

Tim Young and I connect because we tend to parallel each other.
Dustin Stout
and I connect because we have a common interest in Social Media.  We also share a commonality with our blogs.  Heck everyone in this group is amazing and just another example of how Social Media can bring people together.

I’m reminded of a question recently I posted on Google+
Is it more important to you to be right or to have a relationship with someone you care about?

I’d rather keep the relationship and not give energy to something not worth fighting over, even if the other person is only someone I know virtually, or may not know at all.  Why create negativity by continuing a discussion that is best left alone?  I’ll let someone else take up the mantle.  Someone always will.  It happened on that local news site and I’m sure it will happen again out in the world as well as online

So if someone questions my authenticity online or my belief system online in a less than positive light, don’t expect me to join in and continue throwing negativity at it.  I’ve learned to stay above the fray.

It keeps me healthier.
It keeps my happier.
It keeps me centered.

What are your rules of engagement?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.