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Bless Those You Wish to Curse

There is story of a righteous man who is asked to curse another man. He is told that the person in question is evil and wants to hurt everyone. The righteous man replies, “instead of cursing him, wouldn’t it be easier to bless him so that he’ll be able only to see the Light? If he can only see the Light, the rest will be taken care of, won’t it?”
Today, bless the people you want to curse. You can’t fight darkness with darkness. You have to fight it with Light.25002,21,700 person.

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Instead of cursing him, wouldn’t it be easier to bless him so that he’ll be able only to see the Light?

It takes a strong person to realize this.  Some of us are just not that enlightened yet.  That’s not a bad thing as we eventually all cross that line.  It takes many incarnations for us to reach that level.  Some of us get there sooner than others.  The object is to arrive at that point at some time.  Darkness is a negative force, but one tiny light can fill that void instantly.

It only takes one light and you can see through any darkness.  As it is with any person who appears dark, evil.  Maybe they are just seeking the only outlet they know.  If one brave enough, strong enough reaches out to them, shows them the light, maybe they too will break out through the darkness.

Do you know someone who is throwing darkness?
Have you tried throwing light onto them instead of reflecting their behavior back to them?  If you have then you know what happens.  They become so flustered they have no recourse.  They have no clue how to react.  Generally, they will simply walk away because they didn’t acheive what they were seeking.

Throwing light has two actions then:
–It keeps the discourse civil.
–It creates a better atmosphere where darkness can’t survive.

In all instances, the righteous man is correct.

Can you become that righteous man?
I bet you can!

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.




Birthmarks as mortal wounds from a past life?

The first time I came across this theory was while reading Old Souls by Tom Shroder.  In the book there is evidence presented of young children (three to seven year olds if memory serves) that birthmarks these children have can be traced back to wounds that proved to be their undoing.

Whether you believe this to be true is not the point here.  I’m only presenting a widely held theory within some circles.  What you choose to believe is your prerogative.  Being that I write about Past Lives and Reincarnation, you should understand that this is a concept that I wholeheartedly embrace.  The Past Life concept that is, not necessarily the birthmark theory, however, the more I research these esoteric concepts, the more I tend to put credence in them.  After reading Shroder’s book and seeing the evidence put forth, it does provide some compelling stories that are challenging not to believe.  I can tell you that when I first came across the theory of birthmarks, I scoured my body for the tell tale signs.

Do you know a young child who has birthmark?
Have they mentioned being hurt where the birthmark is?

My advice to you is to take everything they say and listen intently.  Don’t disregard any story a child tells you.

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.


The Spiritual Ladder

In the light of reincarnation life changes its aspect, for it becomes the school of the eternal Man within us, who seeks therein his development, the Man that was and is and shall be, for whom the hour will never strike.

Annie Wood Besant

Past Lives/Reincarnation is part of who I am.  The belief is rock solid.  When Ms Besant says life becomes school, that’s a comparison I’ve made myself.  In my own comparison, I’ve said that with each life we live we move beyond the last life or we are promoted to the next grade or next life.

If we don’t learn what we need to in our next life then we end up repeating the same life lesson until we do learn much like Groundhog Day, which I now understand is a parable for reincarnation, because that’s what I choose to see it as.  You only have to have a bit of an understanding of Reincarnation to see the parallels.

We keep making the same mistakes again and again until we learn the lesson.  That’s the entire theme of the movie.  If you’ve seen the movie but not without this added piece to the puzzle go back and rewatch it.  I bet you’ll never see it again without thinking about this new theme.

Learning our lessons is what Reincarnation is all about.  The object is to continue moving forward, continue climbing the spiritual ladder until we reach a state where we can decide for ourselves whether to continue journeying into the physical.

Until we reach that point, that status, we have no choice but to return.  We can choose when to return and which human form to take.  How does that work?  You may wonder?  As souls, we congregate in a hall, lets call it The Incarnation Room, where we are able to view various lives.

Depending on where we were in a previous life can help determine which life we will choose when we incarnate this time.  When we are in the Incarnation Room, viewing a prospective life, we are able to see everything that will happen in that life; and when we incarnate in the life we choose, once we become cognizant and are able to communicate, our memories of the time in the hall are erased.

The act of crashing into our bodies act as one erasure.  As we mature intellectually we lose the remaining memories we have.

If you want further information on this, might I recommend a book by Michael Newton called Journey of Souls.

If we learn the lessons we are meant to in our new life when we meet the same experience in our next life we can move forward.  Much like Bill Murray in Groundhog Day.  Every Time he stepped off the curb, he fell into the icy puddle.  He kept repeating that same experience util he learned not to.  Only then was he able to move forward.  It is the same way with Reincarnation.  There is a reason we keep having the same challenging experiences in each of our lives.  Some may consider the reason punishment.


There is no punishment.
God does not work that way
God is not vengeful.  Never was and never will be.

The same experiences continue to recycle through our lives for the same reason we keep recycling.  It is all about learning lessons, moving forward, climbing that spiritual ladder I mentioned earlier.

If we all come back, I bet you’re asking why we don’t recall our previous lives.  We are not meant to.  That would be cheating.  If we knew where we were challenged in a previous life we would know what choice to make in this new incarnation.

Some of us have recollections.
Some of us experience Deja Vu.

That’s our clue.  That’s our key to understand that we have a lesson to learn coming up shortly.  We need to pay attention to every message we feel.  Let’s not forget that those in the spiritual realm cannot communicate literally.  Our spiritual entities can only speak in metaphor, can only speak symbolically.  With that knowledge in hand, we as the physically incarnated must learn to decipher the metaphor, the symbolic.

Okay.  So how do we do that?  I bet you want to know.  There is no right answer here.  My answer, my solution, what works for me may not work for you.  You may think my solution is odd, is silly.  Let’s face it.  You may call me crazy.

I see everything as Divine.
I see everything as coming from Spirit.

There is no other way for me to view the world.  This is what I choose.  For me, as I’ve learned through my forty plus years during this, my latest incarnation; life spirituality, faith whatever; everything comes down to choice.

As Einstein says:
There are two ways to live:
you can live as if nothing is a miracle; or you can live as if everything is a miracle.

I choose that everything is a miracle.
What do you choose?

Be Happy!  Be Well!  Be Positive!
Blessings to you.